Crowdfunding Case Study: Treat Your Bike with a FlyKly


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Joining the bandwagon of smart devices, from the founder of electric bicycles, comes the smartwheel – a wheel designed for your bicycle to turn your method of transportation into a smart bike.

The smartwheel, called a FlyKly, is a wheel that is created to fit any bicycle, but on the spokes of the wheel, it houses a motor, battery and electronic system inside a safe compartment. Using the FlyKly app on your phone, you attach the phone to your bicycle and program your route or destination accordingly. Instead of worrying about pedaling uphill or sweating on your journey, the FlyKly will do the work for you, as it has been programmed to through the app. The FlyKly, can reach up to 20 MPH, if necessary, for up to 30 miles. As soon as you begin pedaling, the motor of the FlyKly turns on and begins working with you as you travel. If you’re pedaling downhill, the FlyKly will automatically begin recharging itself or you can recharge the battery by plugging into a wall for two to three hours.

The smartwheel does more than just pedal – it can make suggestions on faster routes based on your programmed locations; monitor your bicycle in the case that it gets stolen; and even track your bike if your phone isn’t connected to it. The app also monitors the wheel so that if there is an issue, it can find a solution to get the problem fixed immediately. If you’re looking for a breakthrough in bicycle technology, the FlyKly smartwheel is it.