How We’re Different

At Successful Startup 101, we aren’t trying to be our competitors (we think it’s OK to go ahead and address the elephant in the room at this point).  While we think they are great business publications, we also feel that they are somewhat out of touch with the challenges most “regular” people face in the startup space these days.  Well, that and the fact that the amount of content they are publishing is downright overwhelming.


Our target market is the person who has a passion and a dream – and dares to put everything out on the line to pursue it. The person who lives and breathes their business – and can reach out and feel like success is literally right at the tip of their fingers. The person who understands the sacrifice it takes today to build a better tomorrow. Our target market is the person who dares to dream… and then reaches out to grab what seems like a shooting star, tames that star – and makes it his (or her) own. Successful Startup 101 subscribers are wide-eyed, eager, dedicated, passionate… yet also scared about uncertainty and worried about failure. We know what our target market is going through since we’ve been there a few times ourselves.

How We're Different

How We’re Different


We don’t have all the answers but we know how to align ourselves with people who do… and spend a heck of a lot of time on the editorial in the magazine to ensure we’re touching on a lot of bases to ensure that subscribers aren’t being “left in the dark” about the things that really can – and should – matter the most to them.  We spend a lot of time in LinkedIn Groups and scouring posts on Quora to REALLY try to identify the things that people are struggling with the most.  We then develop our editorial calendars around this research to ensure we aren’t just producing something that’s ho-hum. In addition, we screen authors pretty carefully to ensure we are putting out high quality content that is easily usable – the information must have value AND staying power (aka: not be something that is great today but not-so-great in two months).

At the end of the day, if what we are publishing isn’t resonating with you, our target audience, and providing you with solutions to your biggest “pains and problems,” we are doing you a huge disservice.  Our biggest commitment is to help.  The number of startups that fail is staggering.  Our mission is to make sure that we are helping more and more people write their success stories.


1. Because the content is laser targeted content.  If you look at our competitors, the content they publish covers everything from startups to companies raising hundreds of millions of dollars.  It can be overwhelming as a startup founder to sort through everything to find the articles that are most pertinent to your unique situation.

2. Because the magazine is strictly digital, overhead costs are kept to a minimum, which means we don’t have to charge a subscription fee.  The magazine is free, but the content that’s published is just as high of quality as our competitors.  Don’t let free fool you into thinking Successful Startup 101 is of inferior quality.  We GUARANTEE you it’s not… and once you read through one of our issues for yourself, we know you’ll feel the same way.

3. Because the magazine is digital, it includes a blend of written text, podcasts and videos, all of which makes the experience more engaging for the end reader.

4. Because it’s convenient.  The magazine is available on Amazon, iTunes and Google Play.  It’s also available as a PDF download and in an interactive online format.  Whatever your preference, we’ve got you covered.

5. Because we keep our thumbs on the pulse of what YOU are looking for.